Testing Services

Automated / Manual Testing Services


With outsourcing and Offshoring practices becoming a necessity more than a norm in current business trends, software lifecycle testing & quality assurance become extremely critical and ought to be implemented from the inception stages of the projects and the requirement of expert mediators to handle this becomes more apparent.

Our expert test engineers come together to put their expertise into a structured testing methodology, for a full scale, profound search for bugs that could interfere with the software/product to deliver cost-effective, bug-free solutions, ensuring problems are probed and tackled beforehand before they get out of –hand, saving you considerable expense.

A well-defined Quality assurance roadmap will be derived based on existing plans and specifications or depending upon projects, purporting new test plans in-house that details scope, methodology, resources, risks, tasks to be performed, schedules, dependencies etc. A major part of testing will be in the hands of the developer as in Agile method before the testing team takes over and the product is deployed.

Our testing expertise covers the full range of current Software technologies that include

  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Mobile App Testing
  • Automation Testing
  • Embedded Testing
  • Software Testing

1. Design

  • Requirement testing
  • Test plan development
  • Test scenario

2. Development

  • System testing
  • Performance testing
  • Integration testing

3. Deployment

  • Requirement testing
  • Test plan development
  • Test scenario

Automated software testing is done to determine possible defects before they reach production, using automation technology during software testing life cycle aiding the team to test faster, and achieve resultant test accuracy and productivity.

Our QA team has a rich in-depth domain expertise in automated software testing. A slew of tests using automated test tools is carried out several times, consistently, narrowing the time to market the product and widening client contentment. Multiple mock setups are tried –tested to attain and compare different results and market impacts, to facilitate the client to work seamlessly with new products and services.

Our Test Automation services include:

  • Selection of suitable test tools
  • Identification of test scenarios which are to be automated
  • Setting up a Test environment for Automation
  • Test browser compatibility and system functionality
  • Testing of software on different platforms with various configurations
  • Generation of Automation Test Report
  • Test Script Maintenance

The test quality, test effort reduction, and defects reduction. most known benefits of an automated testing process