Business Process Services

Our important outlook and goal is Customer retention and satisfaction, by decreased operational costs and increase revenue generation.


Call Centre / Customer Support

A call center is a nucleus around which an enterprise’s Customer Service driven technology binds together, propelled by well-oiled, data-driven, Man & machine power to solve multiple complex requirements and issues swiftly.

SolutionChamps has the apt Call centre technology, Processes and manpower to manage the requirements of several clients simultaneously, with special software that would allow contacts to be tracked, data to be assimilated, information to be routed to appropriate people, to deliver personalized and contextual information to customers through social messages and alerts on mobile devices, platforms etc.

With CRM and ERP systems in place and a well-trained efficient crew to handle structured data, integrating social media and mobile technologies with existing tools and databases, paving way for easy communication access, greater clientele build-up

Our services will be tailor-made to suit your specifications to provide optimum solutions for your requirements. Strategically located with ample uninterrupted access to power, internet, and other essential supplies.

Call Center

The prime objective of SolutionChamps call center is to provide an exceptional platform for customers where they bring their queries and get served. Customer service is an integral part of the business. We understand that providing satisfied service to the customer by meeting their needs improves brand value and increases sales.


Cost Benefits

  • Our expert care will result in increased conversion ratio that improves sales
  • Our expertise in customer service profits great rewards that increase your revenue


  • Customer satisfaction scales your business to places
  • We deliver maximized service for minimal cost
  • Our dynamic call center can fit any growing range of your business/customer


  • We provide quality customer service and support to your customers
  • Our quality service converts your target audience into a potential customer
  • The optimum solution is provided as per the needs of your customer

Management & Support

  • Support team ensures improved call quality to satisfy your customers
  • Support team monitors call to ensure your customer gets the best service
  • Support team gives importance to customer feedback to improve quality of service

24x7 Customer care

  • Round the clock availability makes sure customers are served anytime

Why US

SolutionChamps call center operation actively delivers the entire benefits of an outsourcing call center irrespective of the category of clientele. We have an all-in-one call center that ensures customer satisfaction through quality service utilizing advanced technologies and passion-driven people.


SolutionChamps has a well-supported and highly facilitated infrastructure.

Our infrastructure includes:

  • We utilize advanced technology to handle the number of calls
  • PRI connection and cloud-based call management technology
  • We utilize a dedicated server to ensure seamless call landing
  • We use high-quality headphones to listen to customers accurately
  • We use customized CRM to serve customers through SMS

Dedicated & Trained Executives

  • Our trained executives provide the best service to your customers
  • Well trained executives value every customer
  • Enthusiastic executives provide a pleasant experience to your customers
  • Your brand name/value is mentioned/represented in each call
  • Customers are provided with clear details as per their query
  • Customers get regular updates from executives whenever necessary
  • The proper follow-up to ensure that the customer is served

Expert Team

  • Experts give essential details/updates on your business to executives
  • Experts educate executives about your product/service updates
  • Experts handle escalated calls if any
  • Experts ensure that executives do not miss any call
  • Experts infuse customer value to executives